A List of Every Single Thing (Abridged)

For now, I’m just going to make a list of all the projects I didn’t finish since ….say…. 2001.  Before that, you’re on your own.  I am starting that far back because I have a few BIG projects from then that I really should have completed.  Seriously.  It’s depressing.

  1. Walk (in post)
  2. Joggling (in post)
  3. Brother’s Graduation
  4. Aunt’s VHS capture and DVD duplication
  5. Grandma’s Pictures Scanned (in progress)
  6. Mustn’ts Album (got a plan with Dave M)
  7. Being Jonah (short film)
  8. Feature script with Kendall
  9. Short script with Andrew and Devin
  10. Getting Hard Drives from old PC.
  11. More extensive personal website
  12. Work Reel
  13. Short with Jason and Colby
  14. Last video of Big and Awesome
  15. Stefan’s Wedding
  16. Chrissy and Nathan’s Wedding
  17. Barter 2 Billions (Doing it)
  18. LIMB @ Mixed Media
  19. Fatzillas (Been Running A Lot with Nike+Running – still overweight)
  20. Home Bar Keep
  21. Drink Event with Alex
  22. Steam Powered Hours
  23. Vinyl Show Video
  24. Fitzgeralds Back Room Revisions
  25. Make A Movie Night
  26. Pilot with Amy and Lisa
  27. Vicki the Vampire Slayer
  28. “This Just In” Promo and Live Show
  29. The Candidate Music Video (in post)
  30. Start a factory
  31. Own a theatre
  32. Be good.
  33. More….

This is a list that will grow as I’m reminded of stuff.  I’m sure that others will remember more.  Also, I don’t have descriptions because even making this list is super depressing.  I can’t finish this sentence without remembering more things….

All I can do is move forward.


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Making it work.

Making it FOR work rather.  I’m still working out the kinks of the site.  Stay patient!

In the meantime, here are some past projects:

Rejection Collection

“Eating Right” for Brookshire Brothers

East Texas Bombers

Chase The Burn

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